Daily Prompt: Looking Out My Back Door

I remember my childhood home having a back door.

That was my favorite place to stay in during the late afternoons when I want to be alone. I would sit on the steps leading to the back door or the nearby swing set. Either I would stare out into space, read a book, or write in my diary. That diary contains a list of things I don’t like in school, most especially my classmates and teachers. Regina George of “Mean Girls” would be proud of me for this. But I didn’t kept that notebook for long, because I felt guilty when one of my classmates badmouthed me loudly in the cafeteria. Talk about karma.


I did those ruminating at our back door.


In front of me, is our white fence and the woods beyond. I was warned not to go to the woods by myself. I’ve heard of stories about bears and kidnappers.  I’ve been to the woods with my friends once or twice, but nothing scary happened, thankfully.


Beyond the woods lie the mountains. Thinking of those rows of mountains made me miss my hometown even more.


(from backporchcatholic.com)