Feeling 22 (Yes, That Taylor Swift Song)


Happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.

I can totally relate to this line from Taylor Swift’s song, “22”. I just turned 22 weeks ago, and I realized that I’m too old to be young, and too young to be older still. I’m in-between. I can be crazy, cool, serious, and brooding all together.

Being young can make you ask a lot of questions, and hope for the possibilities. I learned that it’s okay to have questions, and to accept that not all of these questions will be answered immediately. It’s okay to have plans, and not fulfill all of them in one snap. The important thing is that, you take action for your dreams, and you open yourself to the possibilities. Don’t let anything hold you back, yet learn to think and analyze the consequences. It’s not about being carefree, but also, being free, having fun, and learning.

Being this young, I am ready to take on the world,and to be strong with whatever life hands over to me.

So yeah, it’s just fine to be happy, free, confused, and lonely.