Hello There, Awkward



It’s such a word that is loosely used to describe nowadays when someone is nerdy, clumsy, and can’t carry themselves well in public, complete with the image of a nerd you have in mind. Well, not all nerdy people look awkward. And not all awkward people are nerds. It’s just that we still have to learn how to deal gracefully with social situations, and you have to give us some time for it.


I’m always mistaken as a snob back in high school. Until now, I still am! That’s why some people would rather avoid me in the hallways rather than try to say “hi” to me. This is worse when you’re in the ladies’ room and this girl from class wouldn’t acknowledge your existence. It just so happens that I find her snobbish and she finds me the same. Anyway, we’re not really friends. Haha. I’d rather not waste time on people who wouldn’t say “hi” to me and think “they must really hate me.” Well, it’s not always about you. Who knows, they’re just as awkward as you are.


Those who know me well enough will admit that I’m not much of a snob, except that I’m the quiet type of person who doesn’t like calling attention to herself. I really don’t liked being noticed. And it’s kinda hard for me to open up to others. But when I do open up, it means that I’m comfortable with your presence. It means that you’re sincere in wanting to be friends with me and I acknowledge that. It’s not easy making friends, but I know how to spot a potential good friend. Thankfully, that led me to the really great people I’m friends with right now, even if they’re not that many.


By the way, introversion is still another thing. Awkward may be a part of it, but not all introverts are awkward. It means that yes, you can cope socially, but at the end of the day, you have to recharge yourself by being alone and having some quality “me-time”.


So let the awkward happen, because you learn from it. Time will come that you’ll be socially graceful.


P.S. This is why I liked Jennifer Lawrence.




5 Smooth Ways To Escape An Awkward Situation

Crazy ways to escape awkward situations!
With me, I just act like nothing happened. I can always pull that off and do my best to avoid awkward situations.

But it does happen with your crush a lot. A lot.

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.11.58 AM

1. Start dancing (pt. 1):

Potty dancing that is! No one will question you if you sneak off to the bathroom (or outside for a cigarette) if you do the potty dance for a few minutes. Though it only gives you a few minutes of reprieve lest you want the group to think you’re pooping. Your return after 20 minutes would perhaps make the awkward situation more so when the conversation suddenly turns to bowl movements.

2. Drop a contact: 

I’ve seriously tried this one several times and it works 100% of the time. And I don’t even wear contacts. All you have to do is shriek, grab your eye and say, “Shit! My contact fell out!” If anyone questions you, accuse them of not ever listening when you talk (“How could you not remember that I went to the optometrist last week?!), and they will shut up and help…

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