The End Goal

not mine

This is the end goal of why we study so hard. So that we can graduate. And when we graduate, we can land a good job, have a good career, and possibly fulfill all our dreams in life.

I’ve always been the do-good type of student who wants to fulfill everything that’s expected of me. Especially now as a college student, that you’re always expected to keep up with the quota in your GPA so that you can maintain your standing. It was all about high grades and studying like a drone for me.

Until I realized that it’s not all to studying that I thought there was.

It’s not just about memorizing info. It’s not just about high grades. It’s also about what you’ve learned in the classroom and how you can apply that beyond the confines of your campus.

College has taught me that you just don’t study what you see in books. Sometimes, you just have to close the books and open your eyes to the things that you took for granted at first. No, I’m not telling you to just party and have fun. You study, but you also make it a point to enjoy the limited time you have in your uni and to open yourself to opportunities you never thought was there at first.

Last year meant changes for me. It was my first time to attend a summer music festival, my first time to attend an elective class I really like (Creative Writing), and most of all, my first time to organize a campus event in my organization. These things taught me that college isn’t just about studying hard, but also living life like any youth should.