My Life Book



If someone handed me a book without a title, then I would read it and find out it’s about me, would I like what I’ve read about or not?
This is the challenge for us humans; to live a life worth living.


I hope that my life will be worth reading if someone were to make a book about it.


Others may be a part of your life, but you don’t have to be dictated by what they say and think about you. Their opinions of you does not need to be your reality (quoting from a famous quote).


And whatever your past may be, you can always change it. Feel free to throw away that bad chapter and start anew once again.
I hope I can make the best story ever out of my life and be proud of it.


I can do that by living well. It’s never easy, and there will be challenges. But I am up and ready for it. You only grow by surpassing difficulties. And as much as difficult life is, it’s still sweet. You’re always blessed.


I hope my life story will indeed turn out this way.