The Real Story of The Little Mermaid

Ugh, no spoilers here. Just Google it and you’ll be shocked to find out it’s a far cry from the Disney movie I so loved as a child. I memorized Part of Your World by heart and enjoyed Ariel getting together with Prince Erik in the end.

But then, we grow up and realize things are not always what they seem. Just like with fairy tales.

We don’t get the Prince all the time, and life doesn’t always end with a happily ever after.

But I believe that you will always get what you deserve, and life will bless you with more than you can ask for.

And, never let yourself be the victim, because you can always rewrite your story, even if things fall apart and the ending seems so far away.

Don’t be like the Little Mermaid who just gave up in the end.

And I’m not talking about Ariel here.