Writing Prompt: The Power of Names

(Based on Weekly Writing Challenge: The Power of Names)

I’ve always been called Tamie. It’s not a nickname, just “Tamie”. At first, I really didn’t cared about where I got my name, until I found out that it was a combination of my parents’ names, Tanya and Michael. Story goes that they didn’t want to give me a fancy and common name like Brittany, Margaret, and Jennifer, so they decided to combine their names and call me Tamie. So far, I haven’t met anyone yet with the same name as me, although I know that there’s also a “Tammy”.

Growing up, I didn’t hated my name. In fact, I liked the tomboyish vibe it gives, because I was the type who liked to climb trees, swim in our town river, and play ball with the neighborhood kids. There wasn’t a “no girls allowed” rule when we play, because our families were friends with each other. That’s how our childhood was, we were almost family with our friends.

There was no hateful relationship with my name, because I always seem to like it. I will always be the active, shy, and nerdy Tamie.