Unexpected Riches


It was a new world she ventured in.

This was a far cry from her sheltered existence. Everything felt new as she crossed the street with so many other people, the cars passing by, the stoplight, and the hustle and bustle of everything around her. As she walked through lanes of shops and different establishments, she felt detached from her surroundings. Yet she tried her best to keep up with the pace, and she wished that one day, this will all seem natural to her, like blinking or breathing.
She used to have the world at her feet, and now it’s all gone. She used to have it all, but due to some unfortunate incidents, she lost it in one go. Now she’s left with only her savings, and because of this, she must learn to adapt to the ways of the world in order for her to survive. Gone are the days when she can go shopping or party without a care at all. Now, everything is measured according to her needs. She works just like everyone else, holding down a job as a researcher in some company she’s in for almost a year now.

She can’t be a spoiled brat anymore, as she’s left to fend for herself. If only she could be rich again. But what’s done can never be undone now.

She walked all the way to her office, feeling exhausted afterwards. With her hair in a bun and wearing corporate clothing, no one can tell that she was a daughter of a once-wealthy scion. She thought about her father, who passed away from a heart attack after the bankruptcy happened. He was her only family. There’s no inheritance for her. But, she realized that the memory of how her father loved her was the only inheritance she’s got.

She was spoiled, but was loved truly.

She learned what love means. It’s having the strength to stand on your feet and loving yourself first. It’s the warmth of a hug after crying. It’s the unexpected provisions life gives you. Most of all, love is something that keeps you alive. It gives you hope that things will be alright.
Her clothes may be non-designer duds now, and her life was decent but not like before. But, she’s got all the riches she needs. Her new-found friends are here. Good things will surely come.

She was once a rich girl, but despite the loss, she’s never felt as rich as before.


The Bus Ride Home

(I got inspired by collegegirldai to write a flash fiction. Well, mine doesn’t have the feel of flash fiction, but more of a writing prompt, I guess.)


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It was a long day, and she was glad it’s now coming to a close. She hopped¬†on her usual bus ride home, which was almost 30 minutes away from her workplace. As the bus went in full motion, a lot of thoughts ran wildly inside her head.

It was only now that she accepted that fact that she refused to admit to herself. A light of realization came upon her, hitting her like the first ray of sunrise. After all this time, she learned that she wanted to keep him by her side, and continue being her long-time friend. But with another kind of feeling getting in the way, seeing him as her friend is now rather difficult to do.

When did these feelings started to seep into her heart? When did this all began? Why is everything so complicated now? Or is it just her making things complicated for herself? The truth is, she didn’t want this to happen. But it can’t be undone now.

Friendship is the basis of love, her old professor once said in class way back when. She now understood all of this friendship and love thing.

Will she ever get the courage to speak out and let him know how she felt? Will he reciprocate the feeling, or turn her away and not be her friend anymore?

She wished she had the courage to just discard these feelings and act like it’s never happened.

For now, she might as well avoid him. She’s sure he might notice, but he might miss her, only as a friend.

The thought of it hurt her, that she’ll only remain as a friend to him. Nothing more than that, a friend.


(Inspired by “Here For You” by Big Baby Driver)